Personal Injuries

Personal Injuries

This is a brief description of what certain Personal Injury Cases involve:


  • When a person is negligent he or she is responsible for any and all subsequently caused injuries and damages that flow from those negligent actions. As a result, the injured party has a cause of action against the negligent party, called a lawsuit. In many instances a lawsuit is settled soon after it is started, however, in other cases it must go to trial. At Steven T. Budaj, P.C. we will pursue every claim that you have to the fullest extent of the law. We know how to settle your case and will use every option to do so without having to go to trial. If you are injured due to the negligence of others, call now to let us evaluate your case.

Auto Accidents:

  • Under Michigan Law, when a person is injured in an automobile accident certain requirements must be met. Steven T. Budaj, P.C. is thoroughly familiar with the law and knows how to best apply it to your particular circumstances. Michigan’s No-Fault Act requires that we prove that you or a loved one must have suffered a “serious impairment of a bodily function”, permanent serious disfigurement or death in order to pursue a claim. In order to meet this minimum threshold, your injuries must be carefully evaluated and presented to the insurance company in the best way to maximize your damages. You may also be entitled to other economic damages including medical expenses, lost wages and substitute services for your injuries. We have been representing victims of automobile accidents since 1979 and know all the ways to properly present your claim. Call now to let us evaluate your case.

Civil Rights and Constitutional Violations:

  • Federal and State Laws have been enacted to protect your civil and constitutional rights. We have handled many cases against local municipalities, counties and the State of Michigan regarding police misconduct, excessive use of force and other civil rights violations. Because this area of the law is highly complex, your case must be handled by an attorney familiar with the State and Federal laws and cases affecting your rights. Because we have been handling these types of cases since 1979, we are thoroughly familiar with all areas of these laws that affect you. Call now to let us evaluate your case.

Slip and Fall:

  • Landowners or businessowners are responsible under the law for maintaining their premises in a reasonably safe condition. The owner has a duty to exercise care to protect people from unreasonable risks of injury. If a person slips or falls as a result of a condition which is considered to be unreasonably dangerous, that person is entitled to recover compensation for their injures as well as possibly other damages sustained, including economic losses and damages. Because we have been handling these types of cases since 1979, we are thoroughly familiar with all areas of these laws that affect you.

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